Security and Connectivity for the IoT Edge

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Consumer Devices and Home Networking

Security and Connectivity for the IoT Edge

IoT and Connected Consumer Electronics

Consumers expect their network-enabled devices to easily discover, join and fully interoperate with the networks available in the environments around them. The UPnP Forum and DLNA provide open frameworks to allow control devices, applications and many types of servers to discover, configure and control devices on a local network. Allegro’s RomPlug suite of development toolkits enables engineering teams with flexible and robust tools to create state of the art UPnP and DLNA connected consumer electronics and mobile devices. Engineers save significant time, effort and money by using Allegro’s proven and stable implementations of UPnP and DLNA industry standard protocols.

upnp dlna toolkit architecture

RomPlug UPnP-DLNA Core Toolkits

upnp dlna toolkit

RomPlug Device

Using the RomPlug Device Toolkit, your engineering team can create a broad range of UPnP enabled products. On one end of the spectrum, your team can easily create a product that fully complies with the UPnP Forum’s definition of a Basic Device and can be easily discovered and controlled with UPnP technology. On the other end of the spectrum, sophisticated servers and renderers can be built to make full use of UPnP Control and Eventing capabilities based on embedded XML, SOAP, and GENA protocols. Delivered as ANSI-C source code, the toolkit provides the Discovery, Description and Presentation components of the UPnP architecture which are built upon a highly portable and field proven abstraction layer enabling it to work with any OS or TCP/IP stack.

RomPlug Control

Your engineering team will save months of development effort when building a fully certifiable UPnP Control Point with the RomPlug Control toolkit. This toolkit provides a comprehensive solution for products that will discover and control UPnP or DLNA devices by implementing the full Discovery, Description, Presentation, Control and Eventing layers of the architecture.

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Application Toolkits:

Allegro offers seven (7) Application Toolkits to further assist your engineering team in building a certifiable UPnP or DLNA device. Each toolkit provides a specific implementation to help decrease your time to market. They include: an Internet Gateway Device (IGD), individual media toolkits (DMP, DMS, DMR and DMC), VidiPathtm?support, and link protection (DTCP-IP) toolkits.

RomPlug MediaPlay Toolkit

Digital Media Players (DMP) closely model how audio video devices perform today with the simplicity of the DLNA 2 box model. DMPs discover and browse content on Media Servers much like using a program guide and then play selected content. Allegro’s RomPlug MediaPlay Toolkit combines the benefits and features found in the RomPlug MediaControl for discovery and browsing content and MediaRender toolkits for controlling playback of content from media servers.

  • API to retrieve and parse device and service descriptions
  • API for event subscriptions
  • Flexible framework to create a DMP that complies with DLNA DMP guidelines

RomPlug MediaServe Toolkit

Media Servers perform a significant role in all home networks. The CE competitive landscape requires device vendors to be innovative with their feature sets for media servers. Allegro’s RomPlug MediaSeve toolkit enables developers with a rich API and flexibility to support and foster product differentiation within a DLNA network.

  • Serves device and service descriptions without application interactions
  • Event subscriptions are initiated and renewed without application interaction
  • State variable changes are automatically communicated to control points transparent to the application
  • Toolkit provides a rich API for device specific actions

RomPlug MediaRender Toolkit

In the competitive arena of home networking and DLNA devices, companies creating Media Renderers differentiate their products with advanced intellectual property to produce compelling products. Allegro’s MediaRender Toolkit provides the framework and flexibility to create innovative Media Renders that endorse DLNA networking throughout a home.

  • Serves device and service descriptions without application interactions
  • Many Control Point actions handled by the toolkit without application interaction
  • Toolkit provides a rich API for device specific actions
  • DMR easily complies with DLNA DMR guidelines
  • DMR supports Microsoft “Play To” capabilities

RomPlug MediaControl Toolkit

In a DLNA home network with potential for gigabytes of digital audio, video, and photos a Digital Media Controller (DMC) is critical to managing available content on the network. Building a reliable and robust DMC that can discover media servers and browse content in addition to discovering media renderers and their capabilities presents a significant challenge. Allegro’s RomPlug MediaControl toolkit enables device manufacturers to focus their efforts on product differentiation rather than concentrating on the intricate details of media control UPnP/DLNA communications.

  • API to retrieve and parse device and service descriptions
  • API for event subscriptions
  • Event messages are automatically parsed and passed to the application
  • Extremely flexible with API for device specific actions

RomPlug VP Toolkit

The RomPlug VP Toolkit extends Allegro’s DLNA support for VidiPath, the latest DLNA interoperability standard. The RomPlug suite of software toolkits provides OEM developers with a rich framework to support the underlying requirements of VidiPath, such as: DTCP-IP for Protected Streaming, HTML5/RUI for Distributed User Experience, UPnP Energy Management for sleep mode support, DASH for adaptive delivery, client authentication technology, and transport and link layer diagnostics technology.

  • Fully integrated with UPnP/DLNA protocols
  • Integrated framework
  • HTML5/RUI support
  • Diagnostic (DIAG) support
  • Authentication (AUTH) support

RomPlug DTCP-IP Toolkit

DLNA has chosen DTCP-IP for link protection for home networking environments. Allegro’s RomPlug DTCP-IP toolkit enables your design team to easily integrate DTCP-IP security technology for streaming protected digital media content to DLNA enabled consumer electronics and mobile devices.

  • Fully compliant implementations of DTLA DTCP-IP
  • Routinely qualified at ongoing industry interoperability plug fests
  • Fully integrated with the RomPlug suite of products

RomPlug IGD Toolkit

Internet Gateways are essential network components for accessing wide area networks. Allegro’s Internet Gateway Device (IGD) toolkit provides a networking framework to create UPnP based IGD products that are easy to use.

  • API for service action events (Layer 3 forwarding, WAN Configuration, etc.)
  • Evented variables automatically communicated to subscribers
  • Flexible framework for creating IGD products


Best Practices for Managing IoT Related Risks

Allegro’s “Best Practices” document addresses the topic of IoT security related risks by taking a closer look at Critical Requirements and Functional Implementation.


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