Security and Connectivity for the IoT Edge

An Embedded SSH Client/Server

RomSShell is a Secure Shell (SSH) toolkit that is often used in conjunction with RomCLI to deliver secure remote device management capabilities to many Internet of Things (IoT) applications. SSH provides encrypted communications between hosts over an insecure network. SSH and RomSShell offer a range of client authentication options other than X.509 public-key certificates which require a fully functioning public key infrastructure. SSH is also useful for port forwarding (sometimes called SSH tunneling) allowing you to arbitrarily tunnel secure TCP connections.

embedded ssh client server toolkit

Although traditionally found in enterprise and networking infrastructure products, SSH popularity has spread to many additional vertical markets and now includes: consumer electronics, defense, gaming devices, medical applications, and the Smart Grid.

Allegro’s RomSShell client/server toolkit supports SSH version 2 and is pre-integrated with Allegro’s FIPS 140-2 and Suite B cryptography. RomSShell is also tightly integrated with RomCert, an embedded implementation of Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), that makes embedding security certificate management into resource sensitive embedded systems and consumer electronics fast, easy and reliable, while decreasing time to market.



Small code footprint

More resources available for application features

ANSI C Source Code Distribution

Broad processor architecture support eases porting and support

Processor, RTOS, and TCP/IP stack agnostic

Allegro’s products will work with new or existing hardware and software designs

Interface files for leading RTOS vendors provided

Minimizes porting effort, increase time to market

Shipping in millions of products worldwide

Field-proven reliability

GPL Free

No licensing or development issues related to GPL

Supports multiple simultaneous SSH sessions

Enables a robust design that can support multiple users and various fielded environments

SSH Version 2

Latest SSH technology can be embedded in your device

SSH Client and Server

Your embedded design can reach out to an SSH server or allow an SSH client remotes assess for secure device management

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